Sunday, May 14, 2006

Huronia Historical Association- Mandate

The following is what I would like to propose as the mandate of the association. I might be possible to organize the posts under the various headings in the mandate?

Huronia Historical Association

Dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the earliest recorded history of “Old Wendake” in the geographic area now known as “Huronia”.
  • Compile the historical record from existing primary and secondary source worksfrom local libraries, museums, universities and private collections.
  • Map the historical geography with reference to both events and specific locations andmark sites along with historic trails and indicate events appropriately.
  • Research existing sites in an effort to place them in the chronology of history andidentify them by name and date.
  • Encourage preservation of significant sacred, historic and cultural sites.
  • Encourage and support “Archaeological Master Planning” for the area.
  • Enhance the current historical record through education and publications.
  • Publish results of findings as they happen in an accessible public format.
  • Repatriate significant articles of historical interest to appropriate trustees.
  • Identify recipients and repositories in most appropriate geography.
  • Create a program plan for ongoing research and development.
  • Investigate the formation of an ongoing institution of study.
  • Promote entire area as historic site destination and a place of pilgrimage.
  • Work with the tourism industry in the development of this resource.
  • Develop appropriate funding tools and infrastructure in support of the mandate.
  • Identify stake holders for long and short term support.

Current identifiable stakeholders.

  • European interests as to an extension to their national histories.
  • French interests as to an extension to Quebec history.
  • First Nations interests for the preservation of their cultural history and sacred grounds.
  • Church interests for the identification of their historic sites and sacred grounds.
  • Commercial interests for the history of the development of the Canadian economy.
  • Historical interests for the sake of history.
  • Educational interests for the expansion of human knowledge and understanding..
  • Community interests to better understand the history of where they live.
  • Personal interests to better understand who they are.


GIBSONW said...
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GIBSONW said...

about categories or subdividing posts into areas or zones, I am looking into that.

John Raynor said...

Would it be possible to create a file of relevant resource material that one can refer to in order to find primary and secondary source material recommended by the association or others?
This list would include: name or title, author or creator, where found for reference, where found for purchase.
This list could be included as a link or in some other suitable format and go some way to fulfilling the first item in this mandate.

GIBSONW said...

one way I know of right now is to have it as a separate web page that is linked to from this the way that the bibliography for Ghost Empire was a separate web page on my personal web site.

Steve said...

The name Huronia Historical Association was used during the 1940's through to the 60's and was changed when Ste. Marie was opened. They would have lectures and presentations similar to the one's Jamie runs for the Archaeological Association of Ontario (AAO). I don't think we would have any legal recourse using this name, but we may have to consider it if we were to publish. It is along these lines that I was thinking of a symposium for international academics on Globalization.
As far as a resources link- the Shrine archives library is accessible online alphabetically by author. The chief librarian at Midland and I have talked about having all resources in area libraries accessible (his idea) so that researchers visiting the region would know the holdings of the library, the Shrine, and the Huronia Museum.

GIBSONW said...

Personnel interests to better understand who they are.

do you mean personnel or personal?

Steve said...

Hello- the organization was called Huronia Historical SITES Association, so I was a bit off but JAmie helpd clarify.
Sorry about the confusion.

Steve said...

Sorry again about a previous comment- the AAO is the Archivists Association of Ontario, I meant the OAS in a previous comment- the Ontario Archaeological Society.

Steve said...

With recent developments in Caledonia and Vaughn- I did not know if the HHA would want to venture into this area of land disputes- protecting native land claims and sacred burials. I feel the town of Midland did a remarkable job ultimately with regard to the sacred burial at Little Lake (although I do not know all the details). I did not know if this collection of people would be a good "middle man" for the area in these debates.

John Raynor said...

The Caledonia situation is a dispute over land ownership and quite different than in Vaughan or Midland where sacred ground was disturbed.
It would be threw the effort of an association like this one that these sites would be identified and better protected than they are now and situations like Vaughan and Midland could be avoided. It is through lack of attention to the existence and location of these sites that accidents such as Vaughan and Midland happen. These situations will never be completely avoided but we as the current tenants of this land should show as much concern over preserving and protecting the sacred sites of the past tenants as we may only hope will be shown our sacred ground by future tenants.