Thursday, June 29, 2006

OAS Chapter?

I met with another interested party today. Mr Michael Henry of AMICK Consultants with offices in Port McNicoll. We talked about a number of issues relating to site protection and identification but perhaps the most timely was his current efforts to establish a chapter of the Ontario Archeological Society in this area. This chapter could be the vehicle that would be able to bring all interested parties together under a credible umbrella. This would negate the need to form yet another association that appears to be having difficulty getting traction.
I have dusted off my membership application for the OAS and would encourage others who are not already members to check out the organization and consider joining aswell. The more members that they have in this area the better chance there is that a chapter could be formed.

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Steve said...

I know Mike Henry. We worked together at Ste. Marie in 1988 (I was an interpreter and he a digger). He also worked on a cemetery project in Ancaster next to my brother's home.