Sunday, June 11, 2006

Public Awarness

I received the following email from a friend of mine in Barrie who is involved in the Simcoe County Plaquing program.
" Thanks. I got it O.K. and have just skimmed through it. What a lot of information is included!
Right now, I can't think of any information I could add, but I sure can learn a lot from what is there. I am very much interested in the Huron Missions, and all that took place in Huronia after Champlain's arrival. But my information is second hand, as I have not had time available to do original research.

I don't aspire to write a learned book, but rather to tell the stories, to link the plaques in an historical narrative, and to let the residents of the county be aware that we have an extremely interesting history, worth further depth investigation. I want to write a readable guide to the plaques and history. I may even add the odd footnote, if required. And some references, too. I will leave the scholarly stuff to those who are younger."
unfortunately she is too busy writing her own book on the history of plaquing to get involved here.
It is apparent though that a systematic program of plaquing and proper signage could go a long way to increasing public awareness of Historic Huronia as we know it today.
I have noted in the A E Jones 5th report to the Archives of Ontario "Old Huronia" that many of the sites he identified were apparently plaqued in or about 1908. I wonder what happened to those? I will approach my friend to research that. It could make an interesting subject to address in her book. Perhaps the archeological community had them removed in order to protect the sites but unfortunately also render that part of Simcoe Counties history invisible to tourists and the general public. Perhaps its time for a rethink on the subject of plaquing?

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Steve said...

Good work John. Maybe plaquing is one answer in identifying sites but as history has taught us, we need to find a more permanent marking system for these sites. Who will care for these plaques in 100 years time? Maybe a big stone with a number on it and reference guide and map so that as much information can be detailed in the guide about the identified site.