Thursday, June 29, 2006

Site Protection

I met yesterday with Gary French, a lawyer from Elmvale who has a great interest in and has contributed a great deal to the preservation of Huronia's Heritage. I approached Gary with my frustration over the level of protection currently afforded heritage sites as noted in a previous post and queried as to the value of having known Huron sites regisered on property title. I was quickly advised that this has already been attempted and that the Provincial Registrar will not consider this unless it affects property ownership.

I then asked about the impact of site location identification to those involved at the county and lower tier municipal planning levels. He agreed that once these sites are made known to those responsible for planning at these levels of government that they would be obliged to include them on their list of "known" sites and proceed accordingly.
This evening I was pondering my role in preparing and delivering such a list to the respective authorities when I received a letter from the Wendat (Quebec and Detroit) asking me to do this precise thing and officially act on their behalf in this matter. So if any of you know of sites beyond what I may have from AF Hunter and AE Jones please advise and I will add them to my list before presenting them as outlined above.
When I present this list on behalf of the Wendat and ask for the protection of these sites I will copy Mr French as well as place this list with the archives of the Shrine.

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Steve said...

I know of an ossuary behind the fire hall on Old Fort Road- I think it is in Hunter.