Thursday, June 01, 2006

two crosses at Carhagouha (First Mass Site)

To reduce the slight confusion I introduced by posting two separate photos of the crosses at the site, here is a photo showing both.


John Raynor said...

I found the other cross at the intersection of Thunder Beach Rd and Con 17 in the NW corner of lot 15 Con 16 Tiny. The are no visible markings, dedications or sign as to ownership. Who put it here or for what purpose I do not know but have been told that I was thought to be the site of the first mass. It looks older and less uncared for in comparison to the marked site Bill photographed. Nice shots Bill. Thanks

GIBSONW said...

I saw the cross you are referring to, I think, when I was driving back down from the site of the two crosses. It is white and a good size, somewhat overgrown, but right beside the road in the corner, as you say.