Monday, June 12, 2006

Wikipedia articles

I took a look at Wikipedia to see what it offered. I found a few articles. I also found some gaps. Something someone might want to consider addressing.

no Wikipedia article on Huronia or Ste. Marie Among the Hurons.

There is an article on Samuel Champlain, but very little about his visit to Huronia.

I have no experience writing or editing a Wikipedia article. If you look at one of the articles, be sure to look at the tabs on the top of the article: "article" "discussion" "edit" "history".

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John Raynor said...

I too have a hard tine knowing how to edit or place an article on that site. I have tried at least once before. I'll take another run at it when I have some uninterrupted time to focus. Maybe these entries should be made by the museum or Ste Marie as they well have more credibility.