Monday, July 03, 2006

Elliotts Corner & Ste Louis?

Steve mentioned the site of a bonepit he was aware of behind the firehall on Old Fort Rd. I have noted that this site corresponds to A F Hunter's site # 10, as the east 1/2 of lot 10 Conc 3 Tay. I have copied to this post part of Hunter's notes and see a reference to Ste Louis that caught my attention. (enlarge to read)
I have also noted on review of this area that there is a known ossuary in Candlelight Village just west of here on the west 1/2 of lot 10 Conc 3 Tay described by Hunter as his site # 11 and also that on the east 1/2 of lot 9 Conc 3 Tay (Hunter site 12 Tay).

The whole area known now as Elliott's Corner appears to have been quite an active Huron settlement that includes at least 2 village sites (1 probably palisaded according to Hunter) and 3 ossuaries.
If one drives that area now you will see Bramhall Park (mobile home park) Candlelight Village (mobile home park, some private rural residences and the beginnings of the roadways for a new subdivition. The mobile home parks probably did not require archeological assessments as the land was not subdivided, just leased. The new subdivision should have required one but may have been approved prior to the protection of the planning act coming into force.
Have any studies been done in this 300 -400 acre area. What has happened to the ossuaries? What is going to happen to the site of a possibly palisaded village that may have been Ste Louis or Kaotia.
This area obviously contains sacred ground to the Wendat and may also be of importance to the Church.
Can any more be done?

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John Raynor said...

After a closer review of the Elliot's Corner sites and some help from Mike Henry in obtaining information from Tay twp it would appear that there were only 2 ossuaries on lot 10 Conc 3 Tay. One as noted in Candlelight Village and the other in the newly developed Windemere subdivision. An assessment was done during the approval process of the subdivision and an ossuary was found. It would appear that the land has been set aside and that the sacred ground is protected.
This time the system worked.