Saturday, July 15, 2006

From Research to Action

I have spent the last few days pulling together the results of my research to date and have found a way to put it to work. My list of sites in Tiny, Tay, Oro-Medonte now totals 303 and I have yet to add Severn twp or those site to the south in Springwater. I have finished reading A E Jones and adding his sites to those of A F Hunter and others. Most of the Jones sites are duplicates of Hunter's but he attempts to place village and mission names with more certainty than Hunter and with little or no reference to the archeology. His most substantial disagreement with Hunter comes with the location of St Louis and hence with St Ignace. He also differs with Hunter and others on his location of St Joseph.

I have given more thought to the formation of a local chapter of the OAS and spoken to others about the potential benefit, but I have yet to send in my membership. Procrastination or perhaps more to consider?
As it is my stated interest to identify and protect the important historic sites in "Historic Huronia" I have attempted to find the most suitable way of securing these sites from development without alarming archaeologists over site security. To this end, with the assistance of AMIC Consultants, I have begun the process of registering all the credible sites I have inventoried with the Ministry of Culture. Unfortunately they will not share with me the sites that are already registrants so I will have to do each of these sites separately and see if they already have a "Borden number" assigned. This will be a slow process but if one additional site is given further protection it will have been worth while.

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Steve said...

Excellent work John- your knowledge of the area as a realtor and your commitment is truly inspirational. I personally appreciate your efforts and enjoy discussing site authenticity with you for many of the questions you have raised, to my mind, have never been raised by historians nor archaeologists in the search for St. Ignace II.