Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Opportunity for Repatriation?

When ossuaries such as the ones at Elliot's Corner are part of the public record and protected one would assume under the Cemeteries Act and there is evidence that their contents have become parts of collections such as Dr Bawtree's or Dr Tache's how difficult would it be to have these remains and artifacts returned to where they belong.
We know that Dr Tache collection went to LaVal University but they claim not to be able to find it. I'm not sure what happened to the Bawtree collection but it would be interesting to try and tract it down and if the Wendat were interested and willing perhaps at least some of these sacred remains and artifacts could be taken out of the museums, universities and private collection and reburied in their proper place.

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John Raynor said...

I found the following reference in the Relations re the Bawtree collection.
"During two years of service as staff assistant-surgeon at Penetanguishene (1846-48), Dr. Edward W. Bawtree examined six large Huron ossuaries, the first found in the district. He described these [page 295 at some length in an article, "Indian Sepulchral Pits in Canada" (see reference to this article in note 61, ante). Bawtree's collection of Huron relics is in the Museum of the Army Medical Department at Netley, Eng."
I wonder if this museum still exists?