Thursday, August 03, 2006

Current dig in Huronia

I have recently had the opportunity to visit one of the current archaeological digs happening this summer in Huronia. The dig is being sponsored by Laurentian University as part of their archaeology program and is located at what is called the Thompson-Walker site on the 9th line of Medonte. I know it as A F Hunters site # 46.

The supervisor at the site is Alicia Hawkins of Laurention and she has advised me that they will be hosting an open house Aug. 11th for those interested in visiting the site and talking about their program. Alicia was involved in some work at Ossossany last fall and also happens to be the "Chapters lady" for the OAS. She says that we would need about 15 active OAS members in the area to form a chapter of the OAS here. So if you live in Huronia, are a paid up member of the OAS and want to become involved in a local chapter please let me know and we can arrange the formalities. Alicia is here until the end of Aug. and would be interested in joining this chapter as she lives in Sudbury and a chapter here would be closer for her than the one in Thunder Bay.
My 8'x6' map is now mounted on my basement wall and I am in the process of placing the 300+ pins into their relevant positions. I will be distinguishing between village sites and ossuaries and will attempt to colour code the "Historic sites" that have names put to them from others that have not been identified. The precontact sites will also be coded differently. I also hope to be able to make an attempt at defining some of the more common trails between villages. I hope to end up with something more accurate that than the maps salvaged from the historical record of the time.

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