Monday, November 27, 2006

OAS Chapter in the Works.

It's been 4 months since I last posted on this blog and much has happened since then. Perhaps the most notable activity has been the steps taken to create a chapter of the OAS here in Huronia. The OAS has acknowledged our desire to form a chapter here and the paperwork is in the process of being completed, a charter developed and plans being made for our first general meeting. We are attempting to complete the bureaucractic part of the process without involving too many people whose time and talents might better be served when areas of their interest need attention. Don't worry, those not involved to date haven't missed anything.

I was able to attend the OAS conference last month and met some interesting people. Membership in the OAS is mandatory for involvement in the local chapter so if you haven't joined yet please do so soon so that you will be on the contact list when the chapter is finalized and the first meeting called. Membership info is available online at the OAS website.
Another step that I have taken is to apply for an "Avocational licence" that will enable me to participate more fully in limited archaeological fieldwork and perhaps facilitate easier access to information than I have experienced to date. The Avocational Archaeologists licencing program is being encouraged by the OAS as a means of getting more "boots on the ground" and as a way of vetting local informants who know of many sites not yet found let alone registered.
Regarding this blog, I plan to review a number of the previous posts and comments and add some comment or create new posts to address some of the things I have gleaned since Aug. I now have about 450 sites pinned on my map along with the rough outline of some trails. Putting on the trails helps to draw a picture that is somewhat fractured without them. I am even ready to commit to my pick for the location of Toanche which is the post that opened this blog if I recall correctly.

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