Sunday, November 15, 2009

Resources for Researching Huronia

The following is a rough draft of some brainstorming at our last chapter meeting.
Everyone has their own approach to research as well as specific areas of interest and expertise. This document can be treated as an open document that we can edit and add too as we move along. Please fell free add to it via comments or new posts.

Monday, November 09, 2009

November 12th meeting 7 PM

The topic for the November 12th meeting will be 'Resources for researching the history of Huronia.' There will be no formal presentation; all members present will be welcome to participate. Huronia Museum

Saturday, October 31, 2009

our blog site is getting some visitors

I set up a traffic counter for the blog a few days ago and from time to time I will be listing locations of visitors to the blog:

India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Quebec City, Vancouver and Langley in BC, Calgary, and in Ontario: London, Barrie, Hanover, Point Edward, Brantford, Gormley, Streetsville, Hamilton, and Midland

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fort Willow talk at May meeting of the Huronia Chapter of the OAS

Trevor Carter and John Raynor

At the May 2009 meeting of the chapter Trevor gave a talk about the excavation work at the Fort Willow site NW of Barrie, Ontario.  This excavation work involves secondary school students from the area.

Monday, October 26, 2009

FYI Some Housekeeping and reformatting

This evening I popped the hood on the blog and changed some settings. We had some very long posts and in order that blog readers could see all the posts more easily I went back over all the posts and inserted what this blog tool calls a jump page insert, which effectively creates a break in the post and inserts a READ MORE link.  This manually inserted piece of code is easy to insert and simply shortens the display on the main page of the bog and succeeding pages, the remaining text of the blog is seen when the interested reader clicks the read more link.

The other change was to change the number of posts that appear on each blog page, that number is now 7.

I believe these two changes have made the blog easier to browse, read and use.

I intend to offer a brief blog training session lasting about 30 minutes prior to the next  chapter meeting on November 12th.  There will be a handout and I hope to arrange an internet connection so we can see the blog as it is on the world wide web.

Thanks --- Bill Gibson, blog support

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where did Champlain Land?

At the October meeting of the HC we reviewed the writings of Champlain as they relate to his sojourn through Huronia in 1615. These writings appear on this blog in a post dated June 1st/06 and as Champlain was the only one to leave us a written record of this venture, they are the only primary source documentation to which we can refer.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Champlain Project Outcomes

By proceeding with the Champlain Project the Huronia Chapter of the OAS will see a number of possible outcomes;
  • Hosting of the 2015 OAS Symposium in Huronia featuring the research done to determine the sites.
  • Hosting archaeological field schools during the project to assist with the research.
  • Champlain site reports and artifacts acquired by the Huronia Museum as part of research project.
  • A Champlain Room established at the Huronia Museum for research and display purposes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Champlain village sites project

If we were to look for the Huron/Wendat village sites visited by Champlain in Huronia during his 1615 - 16 sojourn here, where would we begin, what would we need to know and how would we find what we need in order to start our search?

At our last meeting of the Huronia Chapter of the OAS we explored what Champlain wrote about this trip in his report to the King.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Water level question rises again.

The question of water levels on Georgian Bay in the 1600s has been debated on this blog before and there are numerous comments attached to these posts.

On reviewing these comments it is noted and acknowledged that much of the discussion has been based on references that might be considered more speculation than science. Most references related to the water level of the river that past the palisades of Ste Marie Among the Hurons from the Wye Marsh and by a short distance into Georgian Bay.

Change to Historic Huronia

It has been three years since this blog has been active and as with all things evolution has taken place.
The Huronia Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society was formed in May of 2007 and has its own webpage at - there is some discussion about transferring this blog to the Huronia Chapter of the OAS, changing its name and linking it to the Chapters page - stay tuned.