Thursday, October 22, 2009

Champlain Project Outcomes

By proceeding with the Champlain Project the Huronia Chapter of the OAS will see a number of possible outcomes;
  • Hosting of the 2015 OAS Symposium in Huronia featuring the research done to determine the sites.
  • Hosting archaeological field schools during the project to assist with the research.
  • Champlain site reports and artifacts acquired by the Huronia Museum as part of research project.
  • A Champlain Room established at the Huronia Museum for research and display purposes.
  • The development of "Champlain's Guide to Huronia" complete with map and notes.
  • Champlain sites added to "Huronia Guide Map" and other similar maps and guides.
  • Champlain sites designated as historic sites under Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation.
  • Champlain sites marked by "Historic site" plaques along with legislation that protects these sites.
  • A memorial plaque for Brule placed at Toanche identifying him as the first European settler in Huronia.
  • Trail system development linking the Champlain sites and following as close as possible to his assumed track.
  • Interpretive Centres and museum built at Toanche and the Narrows similar to that found at the French River.

These are some of the outcomes that I see possible resulting from a successful project. This is an ambitious project and all of these outcomes may not come to fruition but the efforts made to secure the results will be as rewarding as the outcomes themselves.
Members of the Huronia Chapter who may not choose to be involved in possible digs and research may wish to participate in the furtherance of some of the other outcomes that are of particular interest to them. Please let the chapter know where you see yourself fitting into this project or add some outcomes that you would like to see.

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Gibson, William said...

some wonderful ideas expressed here, a huge effort to work through all of them, and will require many volunteers to sign up and dig in, but absolutely worthwhile