Monday, October 26, 2009

FYI Some Housekeeping and reformatting

This evening I popped the hood on the blog and changed some settings. We had some very long posts and in order that blog readers could see all the posts more easily I went back over all the posts and inserted what this blog tool calls a jump page insert, which effectively creates a break in the post and inserts a READ MORE link.  This manually inserted piece of code is easy to insert and simply shortens the display on the main page of the bog and succeeding pages, the remaining text of the blog is seen when the interested reader clicks the read more link.

The other change was to change the number of posts that appear on each blog page, that number is now 7.

I believe these two changes have made the blog easier to browse, read and use.

I intend to offer a brief blog training session lasting about 30 minutes prior to the next  chapter meeting on November 12th.  There will be a handout and I hope to arrange an internet connection so we can see the blog as it is on the world wide web.

Thanks --- Bill Gibson, blog support


John Raynor said...

Thanks Bill - the page looks much better in the short post format and thank you for your offer to do blog training prior to our next meeting.

Gibson, William said...

I spoke with Nahanni at the museum today and I will conduct a test to set up a temporary internet connection either by cable or by a wireless router in advance of the meeting, so that we will have an internet connection at the chapter meeting one way or the other barring some unforeseen technical obstacle.