Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where did Champlain Land?

At the October meeting of the HC we reviewed the writings of Champlain as they relate to his sojourn through Huronia in 1615. These writings appear on this blog in a post dated June 1st/06 and as Champlain was the only one to leave us a written record of this venture, they are the only primary source documentation to which we can refer.

After reviewing Champlain's works what can we say about where he landed? Where do we start to look and why do we look where we do? What if any clues are in his writing and what part of these writings leave us confused?
Does anyone have an opinion that they would care to share? Can we take informed opinion and move it beyond speculation? Can we move our speculation and propose a theory based on what we know and finally can we prove our theory and make it an historical fact.

There are at least 7 proposed locations suggested by various authors as to where Champlain first set foot in Huronia and I am sure a few more that are speculated upon but not yet published. Some of these sites appear to be supported by little more than speculation or perhaps an educated guess while others have a developed theory behind them so where do we as a group of interested parties begin to look? Can we separate fact from fiction? Can we find a new site that make sense to all?

These are the challenges that face us in proceeding with our project not only in the search for this place but all the others that are recorded in Champlain's book.

I would like to see us use this blog to explore the theories of our members and formulate a collective informed opinion of our own and at some time in the future publish our theory for pier review.
So if you have an opinion that you are prepared to present please place it in the comment section or create a new post and help this collective research project take shape.

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