Sunday, November 15, 2009

Resources for Researching Huronia

The following is a rough draft of some brainstorming at our last chapter meeting.
Everyone has their own approach to research as well as specific areas of interest and expertise. This document can be treated as an open document that we can edit and add too as we move along. Please fell free add to it via comments or new posts.

Research tools and tips November 12, 2009

Research purpose and academic citation requirements, different approaches

Champlain villages

Back references to Champlain

• Lucien Campeau

• Conrad Heidenreich

• Andrew Hunter

Online sites that we should try to gain access to research Champlain project:

• U of T Press



• Project Muse

• American Antiquity (registered user)


Libraries and electronic data resources


History of Canada by DeCreux (Paris interviewed returned New France visitors)

Midland Public Library

Ste. Marie collection is being catalogued, building expansion May 2010, online catalogue

Huronia Museum library - Limited work space in library

Simcoe County Archives, Midhurst

Ontario Archives, housed at York University

ROM, reference library

Original Provincial Museum catalogue

David Boyle papers


Identify location of artifact collections

Geospatial relationships

Water levels – site locations

Google Earth

Simcoe County GIS

Aim holistic approach, inclusive

Locate the twelve villages to the best of our study

John Steckley, Humber College, Huron language, Words of the Wendat

AE Jones, SJ - carriage view

Architecture, villages, long houses, configuration of space, people numbers per long house, Ossonanee, occupancy modelling,

Placement of long houses, occupancy density, perimeters, size, palisades, work has been done on long house orientations

Precontact style and post contact influence on village construction

Archaeological work, not just reports but the field notes

Interview “live” archaeologists, work not just not published, just not reported

Living Resources – who Gary Warrick, Michel Gros Louis, Roberta O’Brien, Bill Fox, Alan Tyyska, Mary Jackes, Sonja Jeric, Martha Latta, Alicia Hawkins, JH,


Gibson, William said...

Midlan Public Library has its Ste. Marie collection books and documents that were collected and used in the reconstruction of Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, it is partially catalogued and is available through the library's online catalogue, the collection is reference only. the library is undergoing an expansion and the Ste. Marie collection will receive more space in the new building.

Gibson, William said...

I found a favebook group for jstor and they posted this note recently

JSTOR The Outreach & Participation Services unit provides librarians with information about JSTOR collections, the Portico preservation service, and ITHAKA events. We recently got together for our monthly group meeting at one of our New York offices.