Thursday, January 21, 2010

photographic pool "Historic Huronia" on

Over two years ago, I set up a group or pool on devoted to photographs of Historic Huronia.  Currently there are fourteen

Cahokia, an interesting book

New York : Viking Penguin, 2009.
 the site of an ancient indigenous city (650–1400 CE) near Collinsville, Illinois. In the American Bottom floodplain, it is across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. The 2,200-acre (8.9 km2) site included 120 man-made earthen mounds over an area of six square miles, although only 80 survive.[1]
A small volume in size with just under 200 pages with maps.  It discusses  theories about the great city of the mound builders.
available on loan from the Barrie Public Library

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meeting January 21

Dear Members;
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Robert Browne for his services as chapter secretary during the last half of 2009. Robert volunteered and stepped into that vacated position and served the chapter well through some difficult times but has found that due to other time commitments he is unable to continue in this important role. I would also like to thank Mr. Jim Parrott for his short lived but much appreciated role as Vice President. Jim moved out of our area in the fall and I wish him well in his new home.
As you are aware our Dec/09 membership and election meeting was cancelled due to a major weather event and not rescheduled due to the fullness of many end of year calendars. Due to the importance of the election of officers it was decided by the only remaining executive officers (John Raynor as President & Jamie Hunter as Treasurer & membership chair) that the next meeting would be best held Jan. 21st as Jamie was to be on holidays for the first couple of weeks of January/10. With our membership chair away I have done the best I can to secure a mailing list of members and circulated this notice to those who were current as of the fall of 09.
Please make every effort to attend and vote or nominate people for the executive positions. We are currently short secretary and vice president nominations.
Hoping to see or hear from you by Thursday.
John Raynor
President – Huronia Chapter of the OAS