Sunday, March 14, 2010

Filtering the database shows results in mapping.

Subsequent to our meeting of March 11th I have applied some filtering to the database used to create the map that was put forward as part of the presentation on the Ahrendarrhonon territory.

It is clear I believe that we are looking for a relatively large site that shows evidence of being a village with artifacts indicating the presence of European trade items. By eliminating archaeological sites that have been identified as "small" and or "not a village" (see G Warrick 1990 - A Population History of the Huron-Petun, AD. 900 to 1650) and those that show no evidence to date of European trade the number of sites of interest in Oro township dropped from 58 to 24. On the map this shows clearly that there are no sites of interest to this search for the Iroquet/Brule village of 1610 southwest of the Hawkstone Creek watershed with the exception of the Jones sites for Cahiague and Cahiague Landing (see AE Jones 1908) neither of which appear to be well supported by archaeological evidence.
I hope to be able to apply this same filtering to the sites in the Medonte area, Severn township and the City of Orillia thus substantially reducing the number of candidate sites that we may choose to review in more detail.
If you think that there are sites in SW Oro that may have been overlooked and need further study in this regard please comment.

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