Sunday, April 11, 2010

So what's in a name?

While looking further into the territory of the Ahrendarrhonon and how many villages that they would have lived in at any given time I came upon an interesting statement by Bruce Trigger - "the Ahrendarrhonon (sometimes called the Contarearonon), who lived still further east......." (1969 pg 13). Trigger does not state where he derived this from but if true we see the name of one of the two village contained within a context that would normally refer to a tribe of the Huron. Contarearonon would be generally translated as "people of Contarea" This further reinforces to me that the Ahrendarrhonon had but one main or principle village at any given time and were in fact identified by the name of their village when referencing the entire tribe.
Knowing where Trigger got this reference to Contarearonon would help idendify the time frame in which it was used. It does not appear in Champlain's works, I have yet to find it in Sagard's nor has it surfaced in my reading of the Jesuit Relations (at least not under that spelling).
If anyone can assist me in finding this reference it would be most appreciated.

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