Saturday, November 20, 2010

From the Back Burner - clues to Champlain's trail to Petunia

Earlier this season I was informed of a development proposal on lot 23 con 4 inTiny township. After review of my database I found nothing existing on this lot but there are sites nearby on;
  • lot 20 & 21 con 4 is a precontact site know as the Webb site (BdGx-13)
  • lot 24 con 4 a stone axe and blade was found near a stone quarry.
  • lot 25 con 3 a stone axe was found on a trail
If anyone knows of other sites in this immediate are please let me know.
These sites are all close to what appears to be Champlain's trail from Tiny twp to the Petun Nation west of the Nottawasaga River in the winter of 1616.

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