Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fundraising Ideas

We will be kicking around some fundraising ideas as we head into 2011.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Would you be interested in some Huronia Chapter swag like ball caps, sweat shirts, or tote bags, for example?

How about some Sam's the Man, Champlain in Huronia 1615- 2015 marked gear?


John Raynor said...

I think that utilizing some of our current resources to build up an inventory of OAS related swag is a good idea. There are some items currently available through the OAS that if we could acquire at a wholesale price we could turn them over for a moderate profit. There are some other items that we may choose to customize or produce for the Huronia Chapter that we could sell for fundraising and have available at our meeting and other events that we may host.
Good idea Bill.

Unknown said...

fundraising ideas