Sunday, November 28, 2010

photos of creek near site of St. Louis village site

Iroquois attacked the Wendat (Huron) village site of St. Louis in 1649.  This creek is the likely water supply to that village.


John Raynor said...

I assume Bill that these photos are from the site on the Newton farm where plaque has been placed just off of Granny Whites SR. While I will agree with you that this creek was the water supply for the village that was here and that the valley it creates would have made a suitable defensive position, I can not agree with you as to the identification of the site as the St. Louis of March 1649 where the priests were captured by the Iroquois. The St. Louis of this attack was the site of a 3 day back and forth battle between the Iroquois and the Wendat (mainly the Bear Nation). The Iroquois were well armed with muskets and the Wendat would of had some yet there is no evidence in the Jury report on this site that reveals any use of firearms or for that matter any extensive battle evidence. No muskets or musket balls show up in this report that I am aware of.
This site, in my opinion, is too far from Ste. Marie for it to be St Louis. There is a report in the JRs that this battle was witnessed from Ste Marie and that St Louis was "but a short 1/4 league from our house"

Gibson, William said...

I sometimes wonder if my trust placed in the Federal Government is well placed.

John Raynor said...

There is a process of review of these that takes place periodically through Parks Cda I believe. St Louis was the subject of one of these reviews not too long ago. I went to one meeting as a guest of Jamie's and raised my concerns over the validity of this site as being that of the St Louis of 1649. I was not invited back to any further consultations hence I am not aware of the results.
One of our past members (Sheryl Smith) has been involved in this process on behalf of Parks Cda I believe and mat be able to give you more info on just how these studies are carried out. I was advised by the coordinator of the St Louis review that the Huronia Chapter of the OAS was not seen as a stakeholder in this process and hence not invited to give input into the consultation.This caught me by surprise and I did not follow up any further. You may wish to communicate with Sheryl in this regard and perhaps encourage her to participate in this blog discussion.