Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Feb 10th meeting Dr. Alicia Hawkins - Thompson/Walker Huron Village

Dr. Alicia Hawkins, Laurentian University on the Thompson/Walker Huron Village
The  Thompson/Walker Village has long been the object of numerous excavations  by archaeologists in the 19th and 20th centuries  Dr. Hawkins is working to bring together all the data for a comprehensive analysis and report on this important Huron Village.

OAS Huronia Chapter Meeting
Thursday February 10th – 7PM.
Huronia Museum & Native Village

549 Little Lake Park Rd                                 
Midland, Ont.               
(705) 526 2844

Part A Public meeting: Dr. Hawkins

Part B Members only business meeting:
– additions & approval
President’s report
Secretary’s report & incoming correspondence
Treasurer’s report
Membership report 
Communications report
Committees reports
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All members are encouraged to attend and are welcome to bring guests.
New memberships and renewals can be completed at the meeting.

Inquiries – John Raynor – President – (705) 526 4927

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John Raynor said...

The Thompson/Walker site is the one that was hit by metal detectors. It would be nice to get an update on this issue if we can. Where are those artifacts now? Have they added to the understanding of this site. Should the whole site be systematically swept by metal detectors by archaeologists to enhance our understanding of the site?