Saturday, February 05, 2011

FYI from chapter member Dave Lamb

The attached refers to a bloody battle between the Ojibwa and Iroquois early 1700’s, the location; Jacob’s Island, Gannon Narrows, Peterborough. Would be interesting to follow up considering it being located on one of the main waterway routes to the Iroquois country, Kebec and the Land of the Huron. From The Peterborough Examiner :

regards, Dave Lamb

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John Raynor said...

Interesting article David. The battles of the late 1600s between the Ojibwa and the Iroquois in Southern Ontario is not a well documented or researched area as far as I can tell.
As I understand it, the Ojibwa from the north shore of Lake Superior came down through southern Ontario in support of the Huron/Wendat refugees who settled with them after 1650. The objective being to cleans the area of the Iroquois invaders and send them back to their homeland south of Lake Ontario. This effort was largely successful but as said earlier, not well documented.
I wonder if efforts will be made to determine if the remains are Ojibwa or Iroquois?