Friday, April 15, 2011

Archaeobotany talk by Fecteau was a rich visual show

Rudy Fecteau explained in detail how the archaeobotanist works to support archaeological excavation and analysis.  He presented a well crafted powerpoint show, provided physical samples, a dozen 3'x4' poster panels, and set up a simulated botany lab.

Today this post has two phots for its initial publication.  Though the week more photos will be added.

Rudy Fecteau standing and Jamie Hunter at the microscope at the simulated lab setup.

Modern (Left) and archaeological (right) tobacco seeds, from one of the 3'x4' poster information panels

tree cell structure

Melville Site - Squash peduncles (stalks)

Rudy Fecteau Receives gifts from the Huronia Chapter of the OAS

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John Raynor said...

Thanks for posting this Bill.
Congrats Rudy on a stimulating presentation.
It is interesting to note that of all the evidence of wood fibers found on sites, no mention was made of cedar and little if any of elm yet it is understood by most archaeologists and historian that these were the primary building material for most Iroquoian villages.