Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good News from David Lamb

Hi Jamie Bill & John,

Whew that was too close…It is now Friday and I am at home.
Last Sunday evening I experienced the onslaught of a full stroke. Speech motor skills brain function and use of limbs were declining quite rapidly.
Thanks to my wife Mary I was rushed to RVH in Barrie where I was administered the drug TPA (clot buster) apparently, I had arrived within the critical time allowance of four hours for the drug to be successful.
Obviously I cannot thank RVH staff enough for what they have done, for I am completely healed and have made a remarkable recovery.
I do have rehabilitation ahead, a slight loss of vision in one eye which will return to normal as the brain heals. As for my big Dodge, well it will have to rest for a few weeks as I cannot drive.
On a more pleasing note,
I attended the presentation given by Charles Garrad “Journey of the Souls” in Craigleith it was wonderful to say the least.
Little did I know the best was yet to come.
Last Saturday we did an archaeological walk to several Petun sites within the Blue Mountains one being the main Petun site of 1649 were the Huron refugees arrived at the Petun village.
Softly we walked through a beautiful ravine, the sound of a spring stream trickled amidst hills covered in beautiful white trilliums revealing a large plateau nestled within the shadows of the Blue Mountain and to the North lay the panoramic view of Lake Huron.
At a point above the ravine we stopped at the edge of the plateau, Charles informing us that we now stood at the entrance to the Petun village. I felt chills and such honour to be there; sincerely regretting I did not bring my tobacco.
An hour seemed like five minutes as it was filled with eager and inquisitive questions, and Charles, as usual, responded like a history book.
And then it was time to go.
I began to climb the ravine ahead when Charles suddenly said; “do you feel like you have been here before?” his direction pointed to a beautiful native lady standing atop the ridge facing the Native Village. Her eyes seemed to be lost in time as she softly replied “yes”
THE moment and entire experience was not only a joy but also the pinnacle of a long journey for me which began when I was about 14 years old in Liverpool England.
I will not forget this day for a long time.
Hope all is well and I look forward to attending the next meeting

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