Monday, May 09, 2011

Wendat and Wyandot Studies Conference

EONYWA'NDIYONHRATEHKWIH CHIA' EKWÄA'TATEHKWIH Nos esprits et nos corps sont et seront toujours présents
Our minds and bodies are and forever will be present
Wendat and Wyandot Studies Conference
st Call for Papers Wendake, June 13-16, 2012 Project Yawenda, the Huron-Wendat Nation and the Yawendowänenh Society are pleased to announce the first Wendat and Wyandot Studies Conference, in Wendake (Wendat Territory, Quebec, Canada), from June 13 to 16, 2012.
The theme of the congress will be: "Wendat and Wyandot Continuities". The conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners, from both native communities and academia, who are interested in the Wendat and Wyandot(te) peoples from Quebec, Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan, and elsewhere. Special focus will be given to expressions of these nations’ history, culture, language, society, as well as the assertion of their rights.
Presentations will attempt to illustrate how continuity has been maintained between the Wendat and Wyandot of today and their ancestors, without preventing the former from being fully integrated into the contemporary world.
Thematic sessions as well as individual communications might, for instance, deal with the fundamental rights pertaining to Wendat or Wyandot citizenship, sovereignty and territory, as well as with these nations’ knowledge, traditions, language, history, archeology, artistic and literary activities, contemporary territory, material culture, and the various types of services they offer their members (in terms of education, health, justice, economic development, etc.). Any proposal for a presentation on a Wendat-Wyandot theme, grounded in solid data, will be seriously considered by the congress’s scientific committee and by its organizers.
The conference will be held under the honorary presidency of the philosopher, historian and anthropologist Dr. Georges E. Sioui, the dean of Wendat intellectuals. It will also aim at honoring the memory of ethnologist Marius Barbeau, as we celebrate the centennial anniversary of his fieldwork in Wendake and Wyandotte, Oklahoma, during 2011-12.
Individuals or groups willing to organize a thematic session (composed of 3-6 papers) or to present an individual communication are asked to send by e-mail (at the address below) the title and a short abstract (10 lines maximum) of their proposal, including, of course, their name, e-mail address, scientific domain or field of interest, and professional or academic affiliation, and this before June 30, 2011. Participants in the conference are expected to pay for their own travel and subsistence expenses, but if at all possible, partial scholarships might be available to student presenters and those in need of financial assistance.
Instructions for participating in the conference (registration forms, information on accommodations, etc.) will be available at a later date through the website of the Interuniversity Center for Aboriginal Studies and Research ( Registration fees should not exceed $100 CDN; there will be reduced rates for students and members of the Wendat and Wyandot(te) nations.
Please send your proposals for thematic sessions and individual papers, as well as any query about the conference, to:
Organizing Committee
Wendat and Wyandot Studies Conference
May 1
st, 2011

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John Raynor said...

Hello everyone,

It would appear that there is considerable interest in presenting papers about Wendat/Wyandot heritage in Ontario at the upcoming conference in 2012 in Wendake.

It would appear that session may have 3 to 6 papers, and at this time I think we could easily come up with 6, on a diversity of topics all related to Ontario. I am headed to the field tomorrow at 6 am, but will check email on weekends. I am sending this email out to all who have expressed an interest who I know of. If there are others, I think we should consider asking them if they want to hop on board. I know that Dorais was searching out Heidenreich, for example.

I would suggest that we follow Ron's suggestion and get brainstorming on what this might look like so that we can send off a proposal for a session in the next couple of weeks. Please reply to all, so that everyone is in the loop.