Monday, August 01, 2011

seeking stuff for the September issue of The Pot

Looking ahead to the September issue of The Pot the amount of content surfacing is smaller than usual.

I am asking all chapter members to make a special effort to submit any of the following for the September issue of our newsletter:
  • a brief account of your summer's archaeological activities
  • any archaeological book or resource you have found recently that you would like to recommend to our membership
  • any photos you would like to share from your summer
  • any special plans or projects you are working on, both archaeological and non-archaeological
  • I am curious if you have found any new technology or specific camera that you find especially helpful in pursuing your archaeology,  especially automatic shovel models
send to Bill Gibson, Editor, The Pot  at

Thanks very much, I realize that summer is a busy time, but see if you can take a minute and share some information with the chapter.

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