Thursday, September 22, 2011

More from the Powell Collection

Bill Gibson was kind enough to enhance the photo of the beads that are part of the Powell Collection found in the Ossossane district of Old Huronia. The blue glass cut glass beads are of particular interest to me. I assume that they are Rosary beads, not trade beads like the coloured tube bead also included in the photo but I would like some additional input from those with more knowledge of trade beads and or Rosary beads than I have.
What do you think these blue cut glass beads are from?

BTW - It would appear that the Bell Cell tower that was proposed for the lot where this collection  was found is on hold and will most likely now become part of a new Rogers tower that has been erected 4 km to the south of this site. Good news for the archaeology of Ossossane and the cultural landscape of the district.


Gibson, William said...

in the 20th century glass bead rosaries are centre drilled and there are usually mostly smaller sized beads with a few larger ones.

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John Raynor said...

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the round one has a shape of a rosary bead but if they are used for prayer, the surface would be smoother; unless the cut is intentionally geometric.
I know wooden beads are used as well for rosaries and I would check the Ste. marie collection of rosaries of the time period. We have a 17th century rosary and the beads are wood. The more oblong one does not seem to be rosary typical, and since the two seem to be of the same "cut", it may disqualify the rounder one. Steve