Friday, September 02, 2011

National Historic Sites open to destruction.

When investigating a proposal to erect a cell tower in the vicinity of Ossossane and attempting to encourage Bell Mobility to do an archaeological assessment prior to going ahead with this project they were advised that the Ossossane sites are designated as a National Historic Site. What is interesting to note here is that designation as a National Historic Site affords no protection to the site and that Industry Canada, the federal agency that regulates cell tower installations does not require archaeological assessments as part of their policy.
Best keep an eye out for cell tower proposals, they can be as destructive to a site as any other development. They require fencing and service access roads all of which impact on sites.
I think that the OAS and or the Ministry needs to consult with the federal government to block this loophole before more sites have holes poked in them.
BTW - Bell has now agreed to do an assessment even though not required to. - Sometimes advocacy works!

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