Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are there any sites under threat here?

I have been given notice of an OMB Prehearing regarding a housing development on Pt Lot 23 Con 4 Township of Tiny. (NE corner of Con 4 Rd and; Tiny Beaches Road South.) - 44deg.36min.51.4sec.W X 79deg.59min.02.2sec.N If my GPS is at all accurate you migh be able to find it on Google Earth.

My database shows evidence of archaeological sites on lot 20 & 21 (Webb site BdGx-13) and lot 24 (reference to a find on an AF Hunter map). The Webb site report would indicate a trail existed to the NW of this site. This trail would have most likely been the lower end of the ridge trail perhaps used by Champlain on his way to visit the Petun in 1616. This is the same trail that would have run through the Ossossane district and might have run through the subject property on lot 23 con 4 Tiny but no research has been done to my knowledge to find evidence of this trail. The AF Hunter reference on lot 24 indicates stone tools found near a stone quarry to the west of the subject property on land that is now developed.
Based on the evidence that I am aware of at this time I am not planning to attend the Prehearing Conference or present evidence in opposition to the development.. Should others have information that would indicate that there are archaeological sites of interest that might be adversely affected by this proposed development please advise.
Thank you for your attention to this matter;
John Raynor

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