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Recogntion for Charles Garrad

Archeologist honoured by Wyandotte

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A recent trip to the United States to deliver a speech ended with an unexpected honour for a local archeologist.
Charles Garrad was named 2011 Honoured Person by the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma and Wyandotte Nation of Kansas -- native people who originated in the Blue Mountains and were once known as the Petun.
Garrad has spent a big part of his life researching the Petun, who lived in this area and are the ancestors of the Oklahoma and Kansas Wyandotte nations. Garrad initiated the archeological searches in The Blue Mountains that uncovered village settlements and life history of the gentle Petun dating back 4,000 years. The Petun left the area and dispersed after being nearly wiped out by the Iroquois, ending up as the Wyandotte in Kansas and Oklahoma.
Garrad recently published a book on his life's research.
Garrad's wife Ella says he has given his life to this project, which he started documenting on an old manual typewriter many years ago, eventually updating it on a computer -- which helped in bringing the information together for the 700- page book.
On Sept. 1, the couple traveled to the States with plans to visit Wyandotte friends and family members who have adopted and welcomed him over the years. During the 10-day visit, the Garrads planned to visit the Kansas City Cemetery, deliver the talk on Garrad's research, and attend a Pow Wow in Kansas City.
In Kansas he was surprised to see that a write-up and map he had submitted has been cast in bronze plaques at the Kansas City Cemetery telling the story of the Wyandotte.
At his lecture, he was presented with a plaque naming him Honoured Person 2011 -'For the many Years of Dedication to Preserve, Educate and Protection of All Wyandotte Ancestors in the Homeland'. The presentation was made by Chief Billy Friend and Second Chief Norman Hildebrant.

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