Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's Time to renew your Membership.

It is that time of year again when all our memberships expire as of December 31st 2011. When taking a look at our membership records for the purposes of our upcoming AGM on December 8th I noted that our carry over of membership into 2012 is quite light. The best and easiest way to renew your membership or join the OAS and Huronia Chapter for the first time is to do it online and pay for both the Provincial OAS dues and the Huronia Chapter fees all at once. This make for easier membership role tracking and for easier book keeping on everyone's part. One payment - one receipt for your records.

I have inserted below the membership page from the OAS website that explains all the options for joining the OAS or renewing your current membership - best to do it promptly and assist us in keeping all our records straight.
Thanks - and if we do not see you at the AGM on December 8th, have a joyous and safe holiday season and we will see you in the New Year.

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John Raynor said...

Below see terms and definition of membership as set out in our agreement with the OAS.


• Membership of the Chapter

The Chapter acknowledges that only members in good standing of the Society may be members of the Chapter, and be members of the Chapter Executive. New members in the Chapter shall join both the Chapter and the Society simultaneously.

• Membership fees

The Chapter is authorized to determine and to collect its own membership fees, and also to collect the membership fees for the Society. Similarly, the Society is authorized to collect membership fees for the Chapter.

• Membership lists

The Society agrees to provide Chapters a list of all current members, as at the end of October, in Postal Code sequence. A list of all members who lapsed at the end of the prior year will also be provided.

The purpose of this list is to enable the Chapter to identify and encourage all those who are Society members but not Chapter members, to join the Chapter.

 Subscribers to Chapter publications

Chapters may accept subscribers for its publications. Subscribers who have not paid membership fees are not members of the Chapter, or members of the Society, and shall therefore not share in any of the right, privileges and obligations of members.