Monday, December 26, 2011

Sites in Tay Twp - OMB Review

I have been informed by the OMB that a Prehearing Conference will be held February 14th 2012 regarding a development on part of lots 12 and 13 Cons 6 and 7 Tay township.
The only site references that I have on my database relates to A F Hunter's site #7 (Vent's site) in his Tay report. This report indicates a landing place at the mouth of the Hogg River that appears to have been used by the Wendat in the 1600's and later by the Algonquin in the 1800's. This site shows up on Hunter's map that accompanied the report and on the A E Jones map of Tay sites in his1908 report.

I plan to go out to the Tay township planning department and refresh my memory on what is planned for this area and remind them of what I have in my records regarding sites that might be in harms way.
Should anyone have additional site data for the area in question please let me know so that I can add it to my database and and advise the township. As I recall, an archaeological assessment was done but when I looked at it I was concerned that it seemed to only included sites on the Ministry's list and these sites were not there.

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