Friday, January 06, 2012

January 12th Members Meeting - planning for 2012-15

Our January meeting will be dedicated to planning for what we wish to accomplish, do or address in 2012.
Some of the subject areas that have come forward to date are:

  • Mini Symposium on Toanche and its location.
  • Public Archaeology Day.
  • Land use Planning workshop for planners, developers and others involved in land use planning.
  • GPS workshop - GPS technology and its use in archaeology (hands on training workshop)
  • Advocacy in Ontario Archaeology - Morgan Tamplin OAS Director of Heritage Advocacy
  • Etienne Brule - A presentation by Christian Bode - member of the Société d'histoire de Toronto who took part in a documentary on Etienne Brûlé and based on the findings discovered prepared a presentation on Mr Brûlé.
Some projects that we may wish to carry forward are:

  • The Champlain Project - moving toward 2015.
  • Archaeology in the schools.
  • A poster for the 2013 symposium in Windsor.
We will also be looking at our current and future committee structure required to move some of these endevours forward.
  • Advocacy committee - dealing with short and long term site protection issues.
  • Champlain Project committee - working towards participation in the planning and development of events and facilities related to the Champlain 400th anniversary.
  • Archaeology in the Schools - planning a process and resources by which we can deliver archaeological programs in the schools in Huronia.
  • Symposium 2015 working group - planning for our 2015 symposium starts now.
Should you have other ideas for presentations or events please place your ideas as a comment for addition to the agenda.

See you on the 12th.

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