Sunday, January 22, 2012

photo slide show link test

This is a preliminary test to add more photo resources to the blog.

The link is to my set of Archaeology related photos stored on my flickr account online.   If this proves to be a good method, the chapter will look into setting up its own flickr account to store and make available photographs.

slide show link  some 50 images

controls for the slide show:
  • towards the top right of the slide show screen you can select show info which will reveal the caption for each photo as you go through the slide show.
  • use the options menu also near the top right to change the speed of the slideshow to slow, medium or fast 
  • to view an individual photo outside of the slide show, you have to click on its title -- once you pop out one image you will find when you return to the slide show that you will need to advance the show to the next slide by clicking the next button at the top centre of the screen.

Comments on how useful this sort of photo access is to you would be welcomed,  please leave any feedback on this blog post by using the comment feature.

Thanks, Bill Gibson

1 comment:

John Raynor said...

I like this Bill - far better than the "Photo" page that we now use on the blog. I think that the chapter should consider getting a "Flicker" account of its own so that our photos can be properly displayed and labeled. I think that we could collect a lot of interesting and useful photos that would be of interest to the archaeological community as well as the general pubic - let's talk about it further at our next meeting.