Thursday, May 31, 2012

Proposed recycling plant near Ste. Marie and Martyrs' Shrine deal

In the news this week  was word of a deal concerning the proposed recycling plant development south of Highway 12 near Ste. Marie and the Martyrs' Shrine on the eastern edge of Midland, Ontario at the Wye River.

The plant will not be going in the location that was first proposed.  Instead the lot will be purchased by the Jesuits of English Canada.  The recycling company will move forward with their proposed plant in another location in the Midland area.

view of Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, the proposed recycling plant would have been constructed to the immediate right of the frame of this photograph, photo by William J. Gibson

Archaeology Inventory Talk

On May 29, 2012, Jamie Hunter, Curator of the Huronia Museum and OAS Huronia Chapter Vice-President,  and Bill Gibson, member of the OAS Huronia Chapter, prepared and presented a talk on the need and values of an archaeology inventory to the Heritage Committee of Springwater Township at the township office in Midhurst.

High School Students at work at Jay Heritage Center

the link above is to a photograph of artifacts found and organized by summer students working at the Jay Heritage Center. Rye, New York.

The Jay Property in Rye is the boyhood home of New York State’s only native Founding Father, John Jay (1745-1829).Jay was the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Six local high school students from Rye Country Day School are working at the Jay Heritage Center through this week for their Senior term community service project. Their projects include organizing archaeological artifacts previously found at the site for use and demonstration to JHC summer campers. They have also started a new archaeology dig of their own at the site supervised by Dr. Eugene Boesch.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fort York

Established in the 1790s (the beginning of Toronto), Fort York was the site of a battle during th War of 1812.  The City of Toronto bought the Fort in 1909.  Army training continued at the Fort until 1930.

There are some display cases showing items recovered from excavations at the Fort.

It Is delightfully jarring to stand on the grounds of the Fort and study the many towers of Toronto's downtown.

Note: apparently during the week during the school year, tours are for school groups, altho you can eavesdrop.  Perhaps best to go on weekends during the school year.  Excellent museum store.
Photos by William J. Gibson

Saturday, May 12, 2012


1200 Hurons enter region
1534 Cartier up St. Lawrence River
1603 Queen Elizabeth  I dies
1607 Jamestown, Virginia
1608 Champlain - Quebec
1610 Étienne Brûlé winters in Huronia, first European   
  • 1611 Henry Hudson abandoned by crew in Hudson Bay

1615 Fr. LeCaron and Champlain visit Huronia

1616 Shakespeare dies

1620 Mayflower at Plymouth Colony

1623 Sagard in Huronia

1634 Jesuits return to Huronia

1649 Iroquois – Huron War – dispersal of Hurons