Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Few Simple Questions?

There are a number of questions that people developing an interest in archaeology in Huronia should concern themselves with before going to far in their pursuit. Some of the more simple questions might be;

1-Who owns the artifacts?
2-Can anyone dig?
3-What is the penalty for digging without a license?
4-How can I get more involved?
5-Who are the descendants of the people who once lived here?
6-What happens if we find a burial?

The readers of this blog range in their expertise and experience from nil to professional and research archaeologists. It will be interesting to read in the comments and or other posts just what the answers might be to the questions raised above based on the knowledge base of the respondents. Some of the answers are simple while others are less clear and may require some research. Or you can just shoot from the hip and give your best guess. If you come across a definitive answer that is too long to be transcribed please just give a reference to the document that you have chosen as your source.

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