Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blog Contest - What's Wrong with these statements.

I found the statements below on the Penetang museum's website - Are they accurate? If not, why not?

"Either long or short, however, the town of Penetanguishene is one of the oldest in Canada west of Quebec City. In 1615, after the mapping of Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron, the Governor of New France sent Etienne Brule, an 18-year-old coureur de bois, to Huronia to learn the ways of the Huron Nations and establish and consolidate commercial fur trade contacts. Canoeing into Penetanguishene Bay, Brule landed in Toanche, and befriended the Hurons, living among the Huron until his death 1633.
Following the same canoe path and again landing at Toanche, Samuel de Champlain, the Governor of New France, arrived in Huronia two years after Brule on August 1, 1615. Together with Father Joseph Le Caron, they held the first mass in Canada west of Quebec City at  Carhagouha - Huron village (near present-day Orillia) on August 12th 1615."


John Raynor said...

Questions regarding the evidence in support of these statements were emailed to the Penetang museum and the curator responded that they will make some changes.

Patricia said...

I just checked out their webpage, and they have made no changes. :( The curator is too busy?

Christine Brousseau said...

I'm Étienne Brûlé's 7th great-grand daughter - and where do I start with the wrongs of these statements?!? Terrible!:)