Monday, August 20, 2012

Where do people get their history?

I came across the following on a webpage for a church in Brampton - History of Catholic Churches in Brampton

First Mass in the Brampton Area, 1615

The first Mass in the Brampton Area was said by Father Joseph Le Caron at the Attiwandaron Indian Village of Carhagouha circa 1615. The village was near the Credit River which was a main fur trading route and is believed to have been ner the current site of Brampton. The Attiwandaron tribe and all its villages were wiped out by the Iroquios about 1650 when the Iroquios started getting fire arms from the Dutch and English and no longer needed flint for spear and arrow heads which they had obtained from the Attiwandaron chert beds as Point Abino.

Does this mean that we should be searching for Carhagouha in Brampton?

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