Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yet another glass bead.

With the careful washing of more artifacts from the Allen tract by chapter members at our AGM and the meticulous sorting by Jamie Hunter (curator of the Huronia Museum) another glass bead was found in amongst the collection of animal bones that had been left out to dry. This is a white tubular bead about 1/2 inch long and will be returned to Laurentian U. where it will be added to the relatively substantial collection of beads recovered during our Public Archaeology Day that was held this past August  in Penetang.

foreground: Huronia Museum Curator Jamie Hunter

photos by Bill Gibson

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Gibson, William said...

I can't recall the time period of glass beads in enough detail from the talk we had on this subject. Does a tubular white glass bead change the preliminary analysis of the dating of this village site?

John Raynor said...

No,we recovered a number of other similar beads so this one does not change the dating of the village. It would appear that this village site could well have existed at the time of Champlain's visit to Huronia.