Thursday, September 05, 2013

Clean up time.

Members Meeting -Sept. 12th 2013 - Huronia Museum - 7 PM

As a result of a our very successful public archaeology event at the Allen tract August 17th-18th we have a lot of artifacts that need our attention before we send them to Alicia Hawkins at Laurentian U for further detailed analysis.

I will also share a number of quotes from Sagard's "Histoire du Canada" that indicate what we might expect to find on a Recollet era site (1615-1625). These quotes will also give us a slight glimpse into life in these villages at that time.
Meeting Details: Meeting held at Huronia Museum at 7 pm, presentation open to the public, chapter business meeting which follows the presentation is open only to OAS Huronia Chapter members. Huronia Museum 549 Little Lake Park Road. Midland, Ontario.  705.526.2844

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