Monday, January 13, 2014

from the unpublished journal of Jehan Leblanc

January 12th 1614 – Rumor has traveled back to Honfleur that Champlain and Helene are sharing the same residence again but not under less stress. I feel sorry for my friend and mentor for he has told me that he does love her deeply but does not know how to fit her into his life and he would not be content to live the lifestyle she seems to prefer. We had this intimate conversation when he named an island near the great rapids in her name.  He is a man of great passion but more for the adventure of exploration and discovery than that required for strong human bonds. Like an island in the sea he appears to need only himself and his dreams to survive but like all of us he is tied to others like the island to the earth beneath the surface in ways we can not see.

We made no trip in 1614.

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