Thursday, May 08, 2014

What should we do?

One of our members went for an exploratory walk on a property where the roads were cut in last fall. After requesting a copy of the archaeological assessment from the municipality we were advised that there wasn't one as the plan was approved in the 80's before assessments were required? The land is in a historic area (Possibly related to Champlain's visit to Huronia) with both registered and non registered sites around it, it is sandy loam soil, it has a source of fresh water nearby, it is on a ridge with a defensible position overlooking a bay and it has plenty of room for a village.
So what's next? Do this become an advocacy project for the chapter? Does this require political action? Does this warrant community activism? Or do we just passively walk away and let another development possibly destroy another site without even attempting an assessment.
You thoughts would be appreciated.

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Gibson, William said...

action needed, assessment needed, can't just walk away.