Monday, July 14, 2014

Water Screening

Dr. Bonnie Glencross and Dr. Gary Warrick will be in Huronia on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to complete the water screening process of the dry screened material from squares dug during the field school at the Allen tract. If you are interested in volunteering your services to assist in this process please let me know via email - or leave a comment on this post.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Members Meeting - Wednesday July 9th 2014

 Huronia Museum, Midland - 7 PM

At this month's meeting we are pleased to welcome Tom Mohr & Sheryl Smith from the Peterborough chapter who will be speaking on ‘The Search for Gandatsetiagon:

The Search for Gandatsetiagon: Chasing ‘Gandy’.
Tom Mohr, currently President of the Peterborough Chapter, OAS, challenged the City of Pickering’s creation story of ‘two Jesuits from Frenchman’s Bay’ by digging back through centuries of historical material before arriving at the realm of archaeology. Sheryl Smith, OAS Board member and late of Parks Canada, worked forward from the archaeological record and helped to define this singular aspect of our collective history. Together, they will shed light on the story of a 17th century Seneca village on the north shore of Lake Ontario, its interaction with our earliest French explorers, and how it is recalled today.

Meetings are open to the public at no charge.
A brief business meeting will be held after the presentation for Huronia chapter members.