Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Members Meeting - Wednesday August 13th 2014

Members Meeting -  Wednesday August 13th 2014

 Huronia Museum, Midland - 7 PM

I have been advised that the Huronia museum has sustained some flood damage due to last nights heavy rain and continuing roof issues and will not be able to host tonight's meeting. For those planning to attend, we will host the meeting at my home (83 Balm Beach Rd. East, Perkinsfield, On.- 705 526 4927) just west of Midland towards Balm Beach. Same time and topic - new location.
Hopefully we will see some of you here.
Sorry for the late notice.

At this month's meeting we will be discussing the value of  Private Collections.

Since the wrap up of the field school at the end of June we have come across 3 private collections of artifacts found in Huronia. Discussions with these collectors have given us leads to non registered sites that have not been investigated by the archaeological community.
I will be proposing that the chapter consider the development of a strategic plan to seek out these collectors with the objective of learning from what they know and have collected or received from their ancestors.
The following email was sent to the ministry in this regard and hopefully we will have some sort of response in time for our meeting.
"I am considering proposing to the Huronia chapter of the OAS that we consider taking on a project to find and document private collections of archaeological material in Huronia (northern Simcoe Co.). Some collectors may be reluctant to share their collection info with us due to a fear of prosecution.  Given this apprehension, how are we best to proceed and what assurances can we give to these collectors that their cooperation will not result in their prosecution under the Heritage act or other Provincial legislation?
Looking forward to your guidance;"

John Raynor
President, Huronia chapter of the OAS.

Meetings are open to the public at no charge.
A brief business meeting will be held after the presentation for Huronia chapter members.