Friday, September 12, 2014

Midhurst Mega-development and Our Community

The particulars:

September 28th, focusing on aboriginal culture and settlements in the area. We will be meeting at the Anne St. N., and Carson Road intersection at 3 pm.

October 5th, focusing on the importance of preserving prime farmland. We will be meeting at
Midhurst Community Hall at 3 pm for a bus to tour highlighting how development may adversely impact prime farmland.

What?! !

Walks to learn about possible impacts the planned mega-development may have on important features of our community have been organized for three early autumn afternoons.

October 19, on the environmental and ecological implications development has for the area, including the Minesing Wetlands. We will be meeting at Meadow Mouse Trail at 3 pm.(West side of George Johnson Rd. just north of Snow Valley Rd.) Bring along boots or rugged shoes.

You can RSVP and find up to date information at:, or by sending an email to! !

We look forward to seeing you!

Who?! !

We've lined up some excellent guides to speak on the importance of the Minesing Wetlands and its ecological interconnections, on the vibrant tradition and culture of aboriginal peoples in the area, and on the value of preserving prime farmland and agricultural potential.

Midhurst Mega-development and Our Community

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