Saturday, December 09, 2017

AGM, Social and election of executive.

 AGM and social to be held at the Midland Public Library (upstairs boardroom) Wednesday December 13th - 7 PM to 8:45 PM.

An AGM is typically a profoundly tedious event. This year we will try to break that mould. Here is what we have planned:
• Coffee and cookies to ease into the meeting.
• A short presentation by Alicia Hawkins on the OAS strategic plan.
• Election of officers. Jamie Hunter, Kristin Thor and Peter Thor have agreed to stand again next year for President, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. We will welcome nominations from the floor for any of these positions.
• Come to the meeting with any ideas for archaeological projects and speakers for 2018
• A multiple choice quiz of your knowledge of Huronia archaeology led by Kristin Thor. Here is a sample question you can research so you will get at least one question correct.
o Who has found more archaeological sites in Ontario than anyone else and published them?
 At the meeting you will have three choices to select from.
o There is a prize for the person with the most correct answers, a 500ml flask of maple syrup. That would not be particularly interesting but for the fact that it was made by Kristin Thor's own hands by the same methods used in Huronia in Wendat times and in pioneer times; over an open hardwood fire in an open pan. You may not have tasted anything quite like it before.
A social time will follow to wrap up by 9 pm when the Library closes.