Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Clayton Samuel King on family/doodem relationships

Please join us for a talk on Wednesday May 1st by

Clayton will be speaking as the Heritage and Culture Coordinator for Beausoleil First Nation. His presentation will focus on the family/doodem relationships that he has uncovered through his ten years of research. This presentation explores the written clan signatures in Treaties, petitions, requisitions, nominal roles and oral history regarding BFN and the Chippewa Tri -Council.

This meeting will be held in the Assembly Room on the lower level of the Midland Public Library starting at 7:00 PM 
- Open to the public at no charge.

Friday, April 12, 2019


While doing research regarding historical/archaeological sites that might be threatened by a change to the cultural landscape as a result of the proposed development of some industrial land across the Wye River from the Shrine and Ste. Marie I came across references to the settlement of Bruneauville. Bruneauville was a registered plan of subdivision for a village on the west side of the Wye River in the west 1/2 of lot 16 con 3 of Tay Township.