Sunday, July 14, 2019

“In Search of a Homestead”

Please join us for a talk by John Raynor on

“In Search of a Homestead”
A few of months ago the Huronia chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society embarked on a quest to find one of the original homesteads of a Metis/Voyager families that came from Drummond Island to the Naval and Military Establishments at the head of Penetanguishene Bay.

My assumption, when we began this search, was that most of these families that arrived here, stayed here and settled on the military reserve lots set aside for the loyalist Metis on the west side of Penetanguishene Bay opposite to the Establishments.

Tonight, we will explore that assumption and get a broader view of where these families went.

At 7pm on Wednesday, August 14th in the Thompson Room at the North Simcoe Recreation Centre, Midland, Ontario.

Open to public - No admission charge.